Praxis and intuition. Considerations on the work by Emilio Vavarella. | Introducing Davide Quadrio’s contribution for rs548049170_1_69869_TT (The Other Shapes of Me)

When thinking of digital art and computer generated art we easily forget its nature of being a “digital craftsmanship” that allows the final work of art to be. Maria Lai, said in an interview that her deepest dream would have been to have this following sentence written on the entrances of schools and museums “Non importa se non capisci, segui il ritmo” (it does not matter if you can not understand, just follow the rhythm). Emilio Vavarella work is a poetic translation of the two sentences above, where imagination functions as memory, the anthropological need of human beings in crafting beauty and the two realms (digital and analogical) connect, collapse, create. This presentation will go back to the 1-0 coding (genetic, mathematical, biological, digital) creating a black out of sort. This short-cut is almost a flatline from which prehistoric painting in caves collected and magically dispose by Domingo Milella. These images charged with the impossibility that time-space created in understanding fully their meaning, will be paired and expanded with a series of considerations around the post-digital art development stemming from this anthropological need of artists (being essentially human) to create, through rituality and gestures (craftsmanship) a world of beauty as a tool to organize and understand life itself and what lies in the life around them. Intuition before praxis actually is what has made art be come a progressive tool to expand human possibilities and pushed us through the millennia into a constant present-future.

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