Thinking the thought. Process notes ? | Introducing Emilio Vavarella’s contribution for rs548049170_1_69869_TT (The Other Shapes of Me)’s project and book

All my works arise from a similar path of conceptual and technological research on multiple levels, followed by a formalization in which the cues and reflections that dot my research find their synthesis. Over the years I have created a very extensive archive of work-in-progress: collections of documents, images, texts, notes or other materials to which I return cyclically. I could say that these collections are the way I nourish, sometimes even for years, ideas that are still in an embryonic or slowly evolving state. As my research progresses, I begin to implement hypotheses, techniques, and experiment with different working methods, in search of those more similar to the materials researched and the questions in question. During this phase of implementation the materials or technologies on which I work are stressed until they reach their internal limit. I am interested in pushing techniques, media and concepts to their breaking point, stressing their internal limits, touching that threshold or point of no return that marks a physical, technical, or epistemological limit.

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